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Running your own business is a challenge and requires a lot of work. However, for any activity to flourish, it is necessary to make investments. However, not everyone has sufficient funds on the company’s account to be able to implement all projects. Then, it seems quite natural to take a loan from a bank. But for entrepreneurs, this is not always as easy as it may seem. 

Credit and the entrepreneur’s creditworthiness 

Credit and the entrepreneur

There is no doubt that bank loans are currently the most important source of financing for companies from really every industry. Unfortunately, enterprises are treated by banks as high-risk clients. Many companies struggle with poor creditworthiness and creditworthiness, which is caused, among others, by late repayment of previous liabilities or poor financial results in the long run. Therefore, financial institutions approach granting loans to entrepreneurs with extreme caution. And this can effectively prevent a company from getting the loan it needs. 

When determining the company’s creditworthiness, the bank takes into account various issues. First of all, the company’s current financial results as well as its possible debt are checked. It is good to regulate any credit card debits or even close them. It is also very important to present our plan for the further development of the company, which should be meticulously prepared. In the case of start-up companies, this is even the most important part of the loan application. 

Cash loan for companies – what documents to prepare? 

Cash loan for companies - what documents to prepare? 

Most banks granting cash loans to entrepreneurs specify a minimum duration of business activity so that the application can be accepted at all. Usually, the condition is at least one year’s business activity, although some financial institutions also offer loans to clients with six months’ experience. In this case, however, the granting of the loan often involves additional obligations. It is also worth remembering that our chances of getting a cash loan increase if our company maintains an account at the bank where it applies for such a loan. 

The most important documents that banks require from their clients when applying for a cash loan include entries in the National Court Register or CEIDG, REGON and NIP certificates, certificates from the Tax Office and ZUS, as well as various types of financial documents (depending on, among others, the form of taxation ). Some banks also require access to company account statements maintained at other banks. 

Of course, we must remember that each bank can define its own terms of granting loans and require its clients to provide more documentation. Therefore, if we are interested in a loan for a particular bank’s companies , we should carefully read the detailed requirements of this institution. 

Cash loan – is it worth it? 

Cash loan - is it worth it? 

A cash loan is often the only rational solution, especially in a situation where the development and sometimes even keeping the business on the market depends on obtaining a loan. By using this form of financing, a company can receive a very important and, above all, quick cash injection. You do not need to specify the purpose for which we will allocate the money obtained in this way. 

It is also extremely important for many people that when applying for a cash loan, we do not have to have any own contribution. More and more financial institutions are also enabling their clients to submit all necessary loan applications via the internet. Thanks to electronic banking, we can easily deal with formalities related to such a loan. 

Let us remember, however, that a cash loan for people running a business is more risky for a bank. For this reason, in many cases we have to reckon with quite high interest rates and the cost of such a loan. Therefore, before we decide to sign the contract, let us carefully examine whether we will be able to deal with such a financial commitment. 

Where can you get a cash loan for companies? 

Where can you get a cash loan for companies? 

The market of financial institutions offering their credit services to us is extremely wide. A large selection is often, however, also a bigger problem with making the final decision. It requires a meticulous comparison of many proposals, especially in terms of whether they are beneficial for us. 

But searching, in many cases, it’s best to start with the most obvious solutions. In the first place, therefore, it is worth checking the credit offer of the bank whose services we already use. When applying for a loan at a bank where we already have a company account , our chances of receiving a positive decision can be much greater. However, if the offer we receive is not satisfactory, let’s get acquainted with the proposals of other institutions and only after analyzing them, let’s make the final decision.

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