Mortgage loan – conditions for granting and repayment


Mortgage at MyBank has many features desired by people who decide to have a long-term relationship with the bank. A wide range of goals that can finance it, long repayment period, loans up to 90% property values ​​and the possibility of reducing the margin – these are some parameters of this loan.

For what purpose a mortgage at MyBank?

For what purpose a mortgage at MyBank?

A housing loan from MyBank can be used for a number of different purposes. In addition to financing the construction or purchase of a house, the purchase of a construction plot or an apartment, the regulations provide for the possibility of crediting, among others:

  • purchase of a company or municipal apartment,
  • renovation or extension of a dwelling or house,
  • purchase of a plot of land with the construction of a single-family residential building started,
  • purchases of business premises for the purpose of renting,
  • repayment of liabilities in other banks.

A loan at MyBank can also be treated as a loan refinancing  a housing loan at another bank, taken out on unfavorable terms. Furthermore, the loan may be used for other purposes not specified in the regulations, provided that MyBank grants acceptance for this choice.

How much and for how long can you borrow at MyBank?

How much and for how long can you borrow at MyBank?

The bank is one of the few on the market that is willing to grant loans to people who have only a minimum own contribution of 10%. property values. The offer should appeal to people who want to live faster in their own housing, and have not accumulated greater savings so far. An additional advantage is the lack of the necessity to pay for a low own contribution insurance – the cost of the premium is borne by the bank itself. 

The maximum loan amount may be PLN 2,000,000, but the bank will not consider the application for a loan smaller than PLN 80,100.

The maximum loan term is 35 years, with the bank stipulating that it will grant credit only to persons who will not exceed the age of 67 at the time of repayment.

The customer may choose one of two variants of loan repayment – equal and decreasing installments are available .

How much does a mortgage in MyBank cost?

How much does a mortgage in MyBank cost?

One of the first costs to be borne by the customer when the loan is released is the commission on its granting. Its amount can range from 0 to 4.00 percent. loan amount. 

The mortgage interest rate is variable and consists of the 3M Euridor base rate plus a margin. The margin may be reduced if the customer uses the “Loan with a future view” promotion (more information later in the article).

The most important additional costs of a mortgage at MyBank

Examination of the loan application


Low own contribution insurance 

The premium is charged to the bank

Bridging insurance

Increase of margin by 1.50 pp *

Early repayment commission

  • partial repayment – 0 percent
  • total repayment – 2.00% **

Commission for the extension of the loan

  • 0.5% ***

Real estate appraisal

  • building plot, flat – 300 PLN
  • single-family house, business premises – PLN 500
  • unusual property – 800 PLN

* collected up to the time of entering the mortgage in the land and mortgage register in favor of the bank

** charged on outstanding capital, only valid for the first three years of repayment

*** charged on the extended part of the loan

Source: Own study by

Real estate valuation must be carried out by an appraiser approved by the bank.

Promotion “Invest in dreams” – terms of the offer

Promotion "Invest in dreams" - terms of the offer

The promotion allows reducing the mortgage loan margin at MyBank. The basic conditions include: 

  • having the status of insured under life insurance in the basic option for a period of 5 years – in the event that more than one person applies for a loan, each borrower is required to sign an insurance contract,
  • having a personal account at MyBank and supplying it with the required top-up amount for 5 years – at least one borrower must have an account. 

Compliance with both conditions guarantees that the promotional margin will be maintained throughout the duration of the mortgage contract. The offer includes loans for an amount of at least PLN 150,000. 

The promotion can be used until October 4, 2018.

Mortgage insurance at MyBank

Mortgage insurance at MyBank

Compulsory insurance in the case of a mortgage at MyBank is fire and other random incidents and assignment of rights from the insurance contract. The customer who takes a loan to buy a construction plot is exempt from this obligation. 

The client must also pay for bridging insurance until the mortgage is entered in the land and mortgage register. The insurance premium is expressed as a percentage and increases the margin. The bank does not require the borrower to sign any personal insurance contract, but if the customer chooses the life insurance offered by the bank  under the “Loan with a future view” promotion, he can count on a lower margin and, as a result, lower interest. 

How to apply for a mortgage at MyBank?

How to apply for a mortgage at MyBank?

The application can be submitted directly to the branch and through the helpline. It is possible to complete the online application on the bank’s website or use the form. An advisor will contact the client after completing it.

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