Ranking of cash loans – May 2019 – the cheapest cash loans




Choosing a cash loan does not have to involve calculations on your own. A cash loan ranking can help you make the decision, in which the borrower finds out all the major costs.

Which bank will grant a loan to a new customer on favorable terms for PLN 35,000 and for 5 years? We checked it in the May cash loan ranking. This month, we decided to prepare a calculation for a young marriage (33-year-old man and 31-year-old woman), which in total earns 6 thousand PLN and has a good credit history. The most important information determining the bank’s position in the May statement is the total cost of the loan that the couple will have to pay back. In order to avoid additional costs, customers also resign from credit insurance.

The cheapest cash loan for 35,000 for 60 months without insurance


Bankate took the first place on the podium in the May ranking with the proposal of a Boss Cash loan, which undoubtedly left the competition behind. For the assumed credit terms, the cost of credit will be PLN 6,800.24. This gives him a price advantage over the second place in the ranking by almost PLN 600.

A new bank customer can borrow PLN 35,000, he also gets a guarantee that the interest rate and installments will not increase during the loan period. In addition, the funds awarded can be collected in a convenient way: in the form of a bank transfer, postal order or at a branch.

OutBank in second place in the May ranking

OutBank in second place in the May ranking

Immediately behind Bankate, there was a “cash loan” from OutBank. By borrowing PLN 35,000 for a period of five years, we will pay an additional PLN 7,397.86. A new bank customer, just like in the case of a winning loan, can decide how he wants to conclude the contract. He can do it from anywhere in the world where he is currently, completely online or visit a bank branch.

Third place for Bankate

Third place for Bankate

Santander is once again on the podium this month, but there is a difference, because this time it is Bankate and “Cash Loan with Low Commission Edition II”. The total cost of the debt will amount to a new client PLN 7,423.95.

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