Kayaking Advice

The starting point of cleaning the kayak is to wash the hull thoroughly with fresh clean water. This would help in cleaning all the dirt, germs and any insect attack from the kayak. Washing the kayak with water immediately after a kayaking session is the best kayak cleaning tip.

However, just washing the kayak with water is not always sufficient. It is recommended that paddlers use soap water to wash the kayak and clean it from all the grime. Using a mild soap should do and ideally the kayak should be washed before and after every kayaking session. Paddlers must avoid abrasives and solvents as they could cause harm to the hull.

For fiberglass kayaks, paddlers can also use fiberglass wax generally used for polishing cars. The wax polish would give a great finish to the kayak and keep it shining for many days to come. To remove stains and tar, using an elbow grease or baby oil is a good idea as they are mild yet effective cleansing agents.